Life’s A Journey

My journey from there to here has been a long one, I’m in recovery now, and there is now a future.

My blog helps me put into perspective the mental challenges I’ve faced over a number of years, right up to the complete breakdown 2 years ago, I’m on the otherside and many lessons have been learned.

Awareness is key, so many of us don’t realise what is happening to us, and where to go for support.

Coupled with this is that depression is an silent and invisible illness, and sufferers need help and not judgement this illness does not recognise age, colour, height, weight, education etc, it can happen to anyone with sometimes terrible consequences.

I write because although in recovery the dark clouds do still come to visit every now and then, writing helps me, get perspective back.

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Treading Water

How I Enabled My Depression

Give Me Strength

Last Exit, Leaving Lonliness

Hope Is A Good Place To Start

Destined To Be Alone

If Only

I Didn’t Think

Finding Courage

Closure: I Thought I Knew You

Sometimes We Are Blind

Walking On Eggshells

What I Have Learned So Far

From There To Here And Back Again

When Life Knocks You Down


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  1. ahuelon says:

    I love how you express yourself.

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