Classic Film Friday

I have always adored films ever since my grandfather as a child used to take me to Saturday Morning Pictures as we call it in the UK.

You always had the main feature plus the B movie and usually cartoons, and al the favourites like Laurel & Hardy Abbot &Costello Champion The Wonder Horse, Zorro, The Lone Ranger.

What was Especially magical for me was the Golden Oldies of the cinema age, when the stars were stars, and their films still stand the test of time today.

Also during that great age of film it was developing all the time, and the imagination used to creat special effects, considering few films were made outside of the studio, so there is a mass of unsung heroes behind the scenes that made that all happen.

For me even now to spend an afternoon/evening watching a B&W films is like stepping back in time, the stories are rich in dialogue, melodrama, humour, a place in which to disappear for a few hours whilst the film reel plays across your mind allowing you to enjoy the actors/actresses that made it all seem so real.

Each Friday I’ll write about my favourite movies, hopefully you’ll enjoy and go have a look-see and with luck feel the magic.

Film Friday #1 To Kill A Mocking Bird

Film Friday #mildred peirce

Film Friday #3 The Days Of Wine And Roses

Film Friday #4 The Childrens Hour

Film Friday #6 The Odd Couple

Film Friday #6 Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

Flim Friday #7 White Heat

Film Friday #8 Thrice James Dean

Film Friday #9 Now Voyager

Film Friday #10 Casablanca

Film Friday #11 Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

Film Friday #12 On The WaterFront

Film Friday #13 Double Indemnity & The Postman Always Rings Twice

Flim Friday #14 In The Heat Of The Night

Flim Friday#15 All About eve

Flim Friday #16 The Searchers

Film Friday #17 From Here To Eternity

Film Friday #18 A Star Is Born

Film Friday #19 Some Like It Hot

Film Friday #20 Adams Rib

Film Friday #21 Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Film Friday #22 Phsyco

3 Responses to Classic Film Friday

  1. Movie Betty says:

    This is a great list to go by. I need to catch up on my classics!


  2. JC says:

    I love classic movies. When I was at the clinic doing clinical trials for Parkinson’s, that’s all I watched all week. I had the staff coming into my room on their breaks to find out what movie I had on and what it was about. I have seen many of the ones listed more than once. Thank you for your blog. It is an unexpected jewel on the road!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, I started doing the posts over 2 years ago and when I returned to blogging last September sadly I’ve not continued, but hope to in the future.

      The classics are my favourites, and I had a huge collection of films with all the great actors, many are gone but not forgotten, thanks so much for your comments and hope you visit again.

      Liked by 1 person

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