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I am Woman

I’ve been giving a great deal of thought about what this day means, and I do wholeheartedly celebrate all the women that have strived and succeeded in giving women a voice and the same opportunities as our male counterparts to … Continue reading

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Invisible Humans

Crisis UK Homeless Charity video made by the Crisis Choir featuring Annie Lennox Thinking about life and my continued good fortune in no longer being homeless, I have to spare a thought of those who are and is there a … Continue reading

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Several times this week I’ve read blog posts that have moved me to tears to anger and back to tears again. I wonder sometimes at the society we live in, and where all this rage against one another comes from, … Continue reading

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If you could have one question answered with absolute truth what would that question be? When you have gone through a mental breakdown, one if the uglier aspects is that you spend a great deal of time rummaging through your … Continue reading

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