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As a child, you got used to the words adults used towards you, such as: Your so slow, Your clumsy, Why are you so stupid,  Just look at your face, Why can’t you be like….. You must try harder You … Continue reading

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It’s Not Catching!

In reintroducing myself to the world at large,I found that there were changes in how people acted towards me, I have  to add with a little paranoia on my part added to the mix. I’ve talked about supportive and toxic … Continue reading

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I’ve been in quite a lengthy discussion on another blog place about the power of words, and how were defined by them or how others define us. I’ve always felt that words can excite, enthrall, provoke, inspire, comfort soothe, be … Continue reading

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Empty Pages

  I haven’t been feeling the blogging thing this week, not exactly writers block, I have a few things I’m working on, but not really feeling those subjects either. The changes around here don’t help either. it seems that everyone … Continue reading

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