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Illustrated Mental Disorders As Monsters

I found this great article in the Independent Newspaper today, a different approach to see how the different illnesses can manifest themselves. “I imagined that my anxiety could be overcome by giving it a physical from, giving it a visible … Continue reading

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In The Wee Small Hours

I can’t pinpoint when I began to be afraid of everyday things, I just always seemed to be a huge mass of worry, and I’d worry anything to death cue slightly obsessive behaviour over just the tiniest sign of something … Continue reading

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Not Feeling IT Today!

I woke up out of sorts this morning, and after two days off I should have been full of beans, but also I over ate last night so the pasta was still laying a little heavy on me(sorry tmi). Anyway … Continue reading

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Cock A Doodle Do

I was woken up by my housemates alarm at silly o clock this morning, and it’s a rooster, I knew it was going to be a bad day. The alarm went on for some 30 minutes, eventually she turned it … Continue reading

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