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I Am Me

            Someday’s when the tears fall I’m left feeling bereft, grieving for the person that I was, unable to bridge the gap between who I am now. The grief really begins with, the idea that … Continue reading

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When Denial Loses It’s Power

Denial is a powerful emotion, and not necessarily one that you engage in lightly, as we know circumstances can dictate our different levels of not dealing with the complex areas of our daily lives. Just to digress for a bit, … Continue reading

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What I Have Learned So Far

Today I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned not only about myself but my view on life in general, the highs have been pretty good, the lows devastating, but I’m here still giving life a chance, not exactly looking for … Continue reading

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Someone To Watch Over Me.

I was at a christening today and what a joyous occasion it was, and being somewhat involved in the organisation of the day, I was especially pleased, we ate drank and were very merry, not to forget the star of … Continue reading

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