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Coming Home…

Many of you who have read my blog know that I’ve been homeless for the last 4yrs, and the struggles I’ve had getting help, because I didn’t fit a particular criteria, coupled with the profound shame, I felt was likeĀ  … Continue reading

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My Wings Touched The Flame

My fingers have hovered over the keyboard several times over the last 5 months, my thoughts refusing to flow from my mind through my fingers. To quickly update, I had hit almost bottom and ended up sleeping in the shop … Continue reading

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Feeling Slightly Desperate

As those of who read.my blog know I’ve been struggling under the weight of several problems, which now seem to be coming to a head. Firstly, I went back to the GP over my severe iron deficiency, we are both … Continue reading

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Behind The Mask Of Shame

For many years I’ve been wearing a mask, first it was hide my failings which then transpired was depression and everything that went with that. Finally I come out of my very long walk in the dark, take a few … Continue reading

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