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Paying For Selfishness

I’ve through a couple of breakdowns the last being the most severe, now in recovery, one of the things I learned was to like myself again, or to be a little selfish to preserve your new-found mental stability, apparently it’s … Continue reading

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A- Z Blogging Challenge – Theme: Homelessness U=Unprepared My life has many twists and turns, and some of those I thought were the worst moments of my life, I survived and moved forward, but that is life, we expect it … Continue reading

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A-Z Blogging Challenge – Theme: Homelessness Q= Quicksand   The picture above describes how I feel today, I’ve reached the end of my resources, this is my last night, flat sitting and tomorrow, well I don’t really want to think … Continue reading

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A-Z Challenge – Theme: Homelessness J = Judgement Firstly I wanted to say, when I set out on this challenge the process was about not just reciting facts and figures, but also to give you a peek into the reality … Continue reading

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