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Invisible Humans

Crisis UK Homeless Charity video made by the Crisis Choir featuring Annie Lennox Thinking about life and my continued good fortune in no longer being homeless, I have to spare a thought of those who are and is there a … Continue reading

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From Ashes Comes The Past

Family is very much on my mind these days, last month my cousin died from lung cancer, as you can imagine it was a difficult time for his family, for me although saddened I hadn’t seen him since he was … Continue reading

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Blogging Friends

Back in 2006 when I first started blogging on AOL, I literally fell into a wonderful blogging community, and quickly gained new friends from all over the world, the difference was that we write journals, and basically charted our lives, … Continue reading

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I’ve had a couple of conversations about love this week, and it seemed to me that there are many that have never had love in their lives I’m not talking about romance, but the love that comes from your parents. … Continue reading

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