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Controlling Out Of Control…

I’ve had the flu the last few weeks and it’s contributed to my mood being low, because I can’t shake this malaise it appears intrusive thoughts are becoming more present. Sometimes I feel that I’m never going to get complete … Continue reading

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X Ray

A- Z Blogging Challenge – Theme: Homelessness X = X ray It was quite hard to come up with a post beginning with the letter X, so lets see what I can make out of it. My post the last … Continue reading

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In The Wee Small Hours

I can’t pinpoint when I began to be afraid of everyday things, I just always seemed to be a huge mass of worry, and I’d worry anything to death cue slightly obsessive behaviour over just the tiniest sign of something … Continue reading

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As a child, you got used to the words adults used towards you, such as: Your so slow, Your clumsy, Why are you so stupid,  Just look at your face, Why can’t you be like….. You must try harder You … Continue reading

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