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1000 Voices Speak For Compassion- Listening

I have always felt that one of the greatest skills we can have as human beings is the skill of listening it is the gateway for effective communication which touches all our lives. Coming from quite a loud family we … Continue reading

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Dwelling In The Past

I seem to be stuck, for the last few weeks this sadness that has envelopedĀ  me refuses to shake itself free, clinging like a wet blanket. I try to face each day with new eyes, and appreciate what is in … Continue reading

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Blogging Friends

Back in 2006 when I first started blogging on AOL, I literally fell into a wonderful blogging community, and quickly gained new friends from all over the world, the difference was that we write journals, and basically charted our lives, … Continue reading

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Online v Real Time Friendships

I spend a great deal of time online, yes I admit I’m addicted to the internet, in terms of blogging it’s a safe haven for me, though there are times when I think perhaps I rely a lot on online … Continue reading

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