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1000 Voices Speak: Compassion

I think sometimes we confuse compassion with sympathy, in that I mean that you can show sympathy, but not necessarily be empathetic or compassionate, it’s a fine line and not a skill we all possess, sometimes a person’s suffering can … Continue reading

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I’m Starving

How often have you said these words “I’m starving” most of us say this to mean we haven’t eaten either for a few hours or all day, we don’t actually mean we haven’t eaten anything for days. Again it’s something … Continue reading

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Behind The Mask Of Shame

For many years I’ve been wearing a mask, first it was hide my failings which then transpired was depression and everything that went with that. Finally I come out of my very long walk in the dark, take a few … Continue reading

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Rules On Sofa Surfing

I’ve already highlighted my own situation here and not knowing I would ever have to write a post like this, I was asked what was it like to sofa surf, and do I manage it sometimes on a day to … Continue reading

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