10 Things I Love About Blogging with Extras

blogThis post was inspired by, https://bylaurenhayley.wordpress.com/ who wrote an excellent post last week, I’ll do the list but mixed with some added extras about me.

1.I discovered blogs about 10 years ago and was hooked, I’d never kept a journal before and was amazed that people shared so much.

2. I have belonged to on particular blogging community now defunct but we still share on FB, the support over the years has been amazing.

3. Blogging has given me a space to not only vent, but also an honesty that is not always possible in my non virtual life.

4. I can document my life and gives me the perfect tool to look back and reflect.

5. I get to read about some different lives and interests, that glimpse into another life, makes me laugh out loud as well that humbling feeling when someone has shared.

6. I feel useful, in that telling my own story may help another

7. I’m a chatterbox and writing is another expression of that

8. With my personal struggles I’m not alone, and that brings great comfort, when I’m unable to pick up the phone.

9. I love discovering new blogs, and on here the choice is vast and eclectic

10. It’s amazing to me that I have followers and who also comment, that makes it worthwhile, so a huge hug and thanks for sharing and all the experiences and lessons I’ve learned from all of you.

images1. I wish I had a super power, I’ve never been able to decide what form it should take, (suggestions please)

2. I’ve always wanted to be a best-selling author in the realms of Harper Lee(To Kill A Mocking Bird is my favourite book of all time) sadly I don’t have a story to tell that would sell millions.

3. I love movies especially the Hollywood black & white classics ( I did have over 400 DVD’s). My 2 all time favourites are On The Waterfront (Brando) Now Voyager (Bette Davis)

4. I’m a trained chef, and love food a little too much lol I have an open kitchen (when I have one) no one would ever go hungry with me around.

5. Apart from learning the recorder at school I would like to play an instrument(drums,piano, sax being the top 3)

6. I would like to fall in love again it’s been awhile….

7.I love computer games, in some ways FB was invented for me lol

8. I have been inside Number 10(where the Prime Minister lives) also the clock tower of Big Ben and seen the Crown Jewels at the Tower Of London

9. I’m a huge fan of boxing I know to some this is barbaric but love watching opponents slug it out.

10. When asked if I could change anything about my life, I always reply nothing all the good and the bad makes me who I am, and I’m learning to accept that.

About therabbitholez

I returned to this blog in September 2014, after a 2 year absence, due to depressive illness and homelessness. This journey charts the rocky road to recovery and my feelings about it, and getting a home together after losing everything, this too has been a rocky rocky, both things connected on many levels, but separate at the same time. If you want to know more please read my blog:) and comment on any blog you like I enjoy the interaction, and belong to a great community on here. Thanks for reading.:)
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