img2I’ve just read this blog and the latest post did not make for happy reading, I’m not jumping on a bandwagon, but this is a perfect example of how depending on where you live the NHS fails miserably.

There is a good deal of support out there, however with budgetary cuts, over worked doctors Mental Health seems to take the back seat, thus reinforcing the stigma that surrounds this topic, it appears sometimes to fail people of all ages, despite the sharp increase in mental health issues.

I know there is a process to follow to assess each individual case, but those who are asking the questions must be fully trained and realise that some people are in high emotional gear and would need perhaps to see someone more senior, or at least someone who can make decisions, and even if they can’t help give them the information of the various agencies in that area that can help, don’t just send them away with a sketchy plan of how to cope until the next episode.

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  1. The NHS are driving me crazy at the moment. I had an assessment a couple of weeks ago and I was supposed to hear back within a week. Today I rang (as I still hadn’t heard anything) and every number I had rang out. The doctor then referred me to an office in Birmingham which I called and then I finally got transferred back to Leeds where I live – to hear they’d made a mistake and I’d hear by three weeks time!

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