Oh What A Night..Olympic 2012 Closing Ceremony

What can I say a super medal haul from the British who more than rose to the occasion in the host city a record 29 Gold medals,they did us proud more than proud they put the great back into Great Britain.

I’m feeling a tad emotional and happy to have been a part of it even from my armchair every athlete that represented their country and they came from far and wide to compete with the best, just being there means they’re all winners.

Some notables: Mo Farah * Jessica Ennis * Rebecca Fergurson * Chris Hoy * Bradley Wiggins * Usain Bolt * Tom Daley * Andy Murray *Micheal Phelps.

Jokingly on Facebook last night I wondered if they’d raise Freddy Mercury from the dead I was taking bets on it and blow me when I looked up there he was..hahaha.

We also had some Pythonesque humour Eric Idle singing “Always look On The Bright Side Of Life..lol.

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6 Responses to Oh What A Night..Olympic 2012 Closing Ceremony

  1. George Michael was poor and what on earth was Annie Lennox warbling on about? If that’s all I can moan about then life must be good at the moment!


  2. I loved it but I have to agree with ginger… I thought George Michael looked like… crap, basically LOL And I couldn’t understand Annie’s lyrics either… but I thought the same thing about Queen… about how great it would be to have them play. I thought it was funny how they played that clip of Freddie, because I have that concert on DVD (one of the greatest concerts ever) and I know he laughs and says “F you” to the crowd at the end of that singing competition.

    And good for Eric Idle as well – he still sang the word “shit” even with five billion people watching 😛 (Of course, they bleeped it out here in the States LOL)


    • Iwas on the facey place and made a joke about Freddie and there he was Brian May looked old and as good a he is Keith Richards still rocks..lol one of my friends said Annie looked ill..wrong song I think.

      Over all it was pretty good but it would always be hard to top the opening, and there were other stars that could have done better in some places, David Bowie with the fashion segment for example, trouble are stars are much older and the younger generation wouldn’t relate unfortunately.


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