Team GB Super Saturday Gold Rush

Team GB rose to the occasion magnificently it was indeed super Saturday 6 gold medals in rowing, cycling and track and field it certainly brought a tear to my eye.

This is why I love the Olympics many of the competitors don’t  have the sponsership for training, many doing it in their own time some countries only 2-3 people to represent them but here they are out there doing their best, and embodies the true spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

Jessica Ennis Heptathlon


Greg Rutherford Long Jump


Mo Farah 10,000 metres

Also Rowing: mens 4’s * Womens double sculls* Cycling: Womens team pursuit.

I’m now watching Andy Murray V Rodger Federer Murray currently leading two sets to love he just won the second set, it’s his second shot at Rodger..GO ANDY he’s also playing later today in the final of the mixed doubles with Laura Robson.

Then tonight my main Usian Bolt goes for gold he represents Jamaica which is also part of the commonwealth and part of my heritage and I can’t wait to see the fastest 10 seconds or less on earth..GO USAIN

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  1. It’s all going too well!


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