Film Friday #21 Breakfast At Tiffanay’s

Made: 1961

Directed by: Blake Edwards

Written by: Truman Capote

Starring: Audrey Hepburn * George Peppard * Patricia Neal * Mickey Rooney * Buddy Ebsen

Music Score: Henry Mancini

The film comes from the novella written by Truman Capote, and was set in the 1940’s though the film was set in the 1960’s.

It tells of the inhabitants of East Side Manhattan Brownstone, where John Varjak (Peppard) moves to write his apartment is paid for by his rich patron (Patricia Neal) though in the book John is gay and of course that couldn’t be depicted in the film.

He meets Holly Golightly (Hepburn) a quirky social-climbing butterfly, her lifestyle is paid for by dating rich men who buy her expensive gifts and take her to the most fashionable spots in town, Truman described her as an “American Geisha” and not a prostitute.

One of her more nefarious jobs is that of a go between when she visits Sing Sing prison each week to visit Sally tomato mob boss to give him his weekly weather report and he sends her back with an equally innocuous message to give to his lawyer.

John is fascinated by her and her lifestyle believing it to be completely phony which she agrees, but for her it’s about marrying a rich man, she in turn finds herself attracted to John and calls him Fred after her dead brother which is the crux of her story.

As he gets to know her he finds that she has a secret and is much more vulnerable than the people around her realise, it’s confusing because if you’ve read the book, knowing that John is gay, it’s hard to see the burgeoning love story on film, though excellently well done with crisp dialogue reminiscent of the 1930’s Frank Capra films.

In the picture above you see Audrey signing “Moon River”

John (Peppard) finds out she was married as a teenager to a much older man(Buddy Ebson) but left him when her brother died, he finally track her down to Manhattan wanting her to come home, which she doesn’t want to, she left that life behind never wanting to return.

Here in the film John discovers her vulnerability, and feels sorry for her which Holly hates feeling that now without her brother fred she must go it alone and live for the both of them, everything now with her is all surface and she feels somehow that she can’t love again.

The final scenes are emotive and of course love triumphs.

This film is fabulous on all levels it’s sleek stylish, the actors are just right for their parts Audrey Hepburn is forever associated with this role, also Mickey Rooney does a fantastic comic turn as her upstairs neighbour, who is completely exasperated by his flighty neighbour.

The music and the fashions are faultless, a rom com which by far exceeds anything you see today a great feel good movie but I would say read the book to as it does give more insight into the characters.

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  1. One of the BEST!


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