Film Friday #20 Adams Rib

Made: 1949

Director: George Cukor

Writers: Ruth Gordon & Garson Kanin

Starring: Spencer Tracey* Katherine Hepburn * Judy Holliday * Tom Ewell.

Doris Attinger (Holliday) follows her philandering husband (Ewell) and shoots him in the arm, the following morning Adam Bonner (Tracey) with his wife Amanda(Hepburn) see the case in the papers and discuss Adam thinks it’s a clear  cut case of attempted murder, Amanda feels differently.

Adam finds himself the prosecutor on the case Amanda feeling that women are equal, seeks out Doris and is appointed her lawyer, her reasoning that if it not for her husbands uncaring attitude Doris wouldn’t have been driven to her actions.

There we have the nub of this sparkling battle of the sexes as Amanda uses every trick in the book to win but also to show that women according to the law are the weaker sex.

Adam try as he might attempts to keep everything to the facts of the case, Amanda makes it a much wider issue, this of course spills over into their marriage which on equal terms though neither have questioned it before.

The film has a serious undertone of how women are treated differently to men on all levels, and they always have so much more to lose than their male counterparts.

The dialogue is sparkling I find much before it’s time especially during the fifties when a wifes duties rarely extended beyond the home, and even today the arguments put forward within the script are relevant today.

This was one of nine films that Tracey & Hepburn starred together, I think they made an excellent foils for each others brand of acting style.




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