Millenium Trilogy

I realise I’m a bit late to this party, the film is already out, but I rarely watch film versions of books as they tend to lose something in the telling.

A friend recommended the trilogy to me, I was bit sceptical as I don’t often read the book of the moment, but to say I was blown away was an understatement.

The first book is really a murder mystery which first introduces us to Blomkvist and Salandar, it gives us a sketch of how these characters came together to solve the mystery of Harriet Vanger, which I guessed she was alive and it was obviously a family member, that was cleverly plotted in the way that Salandar picked up the threads of long forgotten crimes and connected the dots.

Of course families always hide dark secrets and as always the truth will out.

I became more immersed with the second book as that gave more insight into Salander and her motivations, but also how during the nineties with the fall of the iron curtain, the new more ruthless criminal element was unleashed onto Europe.

It appears our governments traded secrets not unusual, but clearly these people were not policed and wrought an even more dangerous gangster wars to our streets.

It was during this time that human trafficking became the main currency as well as drugs and the more usual financial crimes, all illustrated within these book.

Salanders own brush with the authorities and her refusal to speak and cooperate in any way, not only shows a deep distrust but also highlights how children can fall through the cracks and be abused by those charged to protect them.

The abuse of Salandar not only by her physchatrist, but later on her adovcate (though her revenge was stunning), but again those caught up within any mental health system shows it can be a horrendous situation with not much hope of escape.

I like her vengeful acts against those who abused, especially women as within the criminal elements within Europe or the world over women are always the main victims, children too caught up in sex trafficking and even worse those who procure their services, I often wonder at the numbers of death attributed to these crimes which we don’t know about, however to governments they are disposable because these animals have information to sell.

We come to the third book where Salandar is on trial for her life, but only because she can fill in the pieces of the jigsaw that can bring down the establishment.

The establishment in what ever country you live in is a faceless entity, and anyone who fights against it has an epic battle on their hands, and we have to remember what they will do to hide their crimes, under the guise of national security, they turn a blind eye to the ever-increasing crimes against women and children which is epidemic in its proportions, as well as crimes against the ordinary man and woman.

Yes I found the books great reading I was gripped from start to finish but it opened up more areas for me and questions we should perhaps ask, especially what goes on in the dark shadowy world of trading information for power and what the collateral damage can be.

A slightly different take on a book review but for me it raised questions.

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7 Responses to Millenium Trilogy

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the Millenium triology, I was thoroughly impressed by Dragon Tattoo and Fire, but I have yet to read Hornet. I need an emotional break…you can probably understand.
    I was impressed as well by the sheer content of the book as well as how deeply Larsson weaves his web of lies and corruption. I am looking forward to finishing up and seeing how all things end.
    Have you seen the American movie? I was very impressed–I normally don’t like film adaptations as they tend to leave major parts out, but I don’t think the filmmakers shied away from much in this.


    • Not seen the movie yet, the last book is a heavy read, not only tying up looses ends, but really bringing the whole saga to life, and leaves you with more questions than answers.


  2. Dear trh,

    I haven’t read the books but funnily enough I recorded the film when it was on Film4 at the weekend and I watched it yesterday. Like you said, the mystery wasn’t really a mystery, I also guessed at the start she was still alive, in that sense it was a disappointment. But the characters WERE intriguing and I’d like to read the book (and the others) to see what the film missed out.

    Love Dotty xxx


  3. I have had The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my iPad for well over a year but just haven’t gotten around to reading it. I have seen the movie but just haven’t started with the books yet, they sound really good. Thanks for the awesome review. Cheers!


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