Film Friday #19 Some Like It Hot!

Made: 1959

Director: Billy Wilder

Starring: Jack Lemmon * Tony Curtis * Marilyn Monroe * George Raft * Joe E Brown

Chicago musicians Joe(Curtis) Jerry (Lemmon) are in the wrong place at the wrong time and witness the St Valentines Massacre.

Desperate to leave town and to get away from from Spats Columbo(Raft) they join an all girl group as their new saxophone and bass players, and become Josephine(Curtis) & Daphne (Lemmon)

Enter Sugar Kane (Monroe) who is the bands Ukulele player and singer, a bit of a good time girl who has a thing for sax players, she befriends the ladies unaware of their true identities.

What ensues is a farcical comedy of errors Josephine(Curtis) sets his cap at sugar by pretending to be a Shell oil magnate Junior and also doing a mean impression of Cary Grant, whilst Daphne (Lemmon) attracts a real millionaire Osgood FieldingIII (Joe E Brown).

The film mixes all the elements really well, and both Curtis and Lemmon attack their roles with gusto and excellent comic timing and Monroe is a great buffer between the two.

Jerry uses Osgood’s Yacht for his assignation with Sugar, there is quite a funny scene where he gets her to kiss him stating that he feels nothing this betrayed by his steamed glasses, meanwhile Daphne(Lemmon) is fighting Osgood off.

Meanwhile Spats Columbo (Raft) arrives in Miami for a convention the guys spot this and make hasty plans to escape before being discovered, which of course they are, there is then a cat and mouse chase throughout the hotel, Spats finally gets his at his early Birthday party, and the guys are now free.

Joe finally gets the girl and Jerry is still stuck with Osgood (see video clip below)

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6 Responses to Film Friday #19 Some Like It Hot!

  1. Movie Betty says:

    I still haven’t seen this movie. I will have to remedy that.


  2. I went through a Marilyn Monroe phase when I was about 17… got caught up in the tragedy of it all… this, of course, was my favourite, but The Seven Year Itch came in a close second. I liked her vulnerability in this 🙂


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