Strawberry’s Pimms & Wimbledon

The Boys crashed out of the Euro last night on penalties against Italy..ho hum.but i’m not a huge football fan.

But Wimbledon started today and dare we hope that old misery guts Andy Murray might make the final, he has the talent certainly but like Tim Henman before him he’s watching as his peers pass him by.

He really is a misery always looks as though he’s going to hang himself off the umpires chair, and that’s before he starts lol, but anyway I’m a fan and will be cheering him on from the comfort of my armchair.

I don’t like Pimms tastes like alcoholic cold tea to me but it’s the posh summer drink of the hooray Henry’s and Henrietta’s, and costs a fortune at these events as does Strawberry’s & Cream a quintessential british treat.

McEnroe stated today that Federer will win the mens title this year, I’m not to sure Nadal and the other guy whose name I can’t pronounce might have something to say about that.

With luck the dryish weather will hold, as we’ve been just a tad waterlogged for June but then were used to it, never stops us from going out, and the fanatics on Murray mount will be camping out to support their idol.






I’m watching Venus lose presently, I’ll do more on the women tomorrow, ok I’m off, tennis fans everywhere enjoy!

Oh and this is my 100th post yay me:)

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6 Responses to Strawberry’s Pimms & Wimbledon

  1. I pity Murray now that England are out – if he wins a game against a blind, one legged monkey who has sciatica the media will be bigging him up.


  2. Dear trh,

    I think Murray might do well this year – he’s got Ivan Lendl for his new manager.

    Love Dotty xxx


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