Film Friday #17 From Here To Eternity

Made: 1953

Director: Frank Zinnemann

Starring: Burt Lancaster * Montgomery Clift * Deborah Kerr * Frank Sinatra


Robert Lee Prewitt (Clift) requests a transfer and arrives at the Schofield Base Hawaii, he was a champion boxer at his last base and a man died in the ring and he vows never to fight again, unbeknownst to him the new base captain Holmes has other ideas.

When he finds that Prewiit refuses to fight he instructs his men to make his life a living hell, therefore Prewitt is under pressure not to give in but also to prove he is a good soilder.

Sgt Milton Warden (Lancaster) begins a torrid affair with the Captains wife (Kerr)and they eventually fall in love, their lovemaking scene at the beach was considered risqué and came under fire with the censors.

We come now to Angelo Maggio (Sinatra) this was Sinatra’s big come back film for which he won the Best Supporting Acting Oscar, he isn’t coping well with army life and Prewitt befriends him, though they don’t really explore the homosexual aspect of their relationship, Maggio is weak and constantly falls foul of “Fatso” Judson (Borgnine) the sadistic Sgt of the stockade.

Judson beats Maggio to death and Prewitt seeks revenge and gets it, this all takes place with the impending bombing of Pearl Harbour.


Great movie it has everything and the stories of each of the characters interplays  extremely well.

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