Tommorrow June 5th Is World Enviroment Day


Talking to a self styled eco warrior, or a green person who was explaining to me what we could do to save the planet, and that were not green enough, and that my generation and the one before didn’t put as much effort into saving the planet.

This gave me pause for thought and then explained a few things about the older generation.

* We used to drink water from a tap and not buy bottled water which I’m guilty off and so was the eco warrior.

* The UK had coffee bars but not this Starbucks explosion along with Costa Coffee and Cafe Nero, we made tea and coffee at home and when we got to work we had coffee in the canteen (cafeteria) or simply put the kettle on

* We walked or rode bikes to school same for our parents and we certainly didn’t have 2-3 cars per family

* We didn’t have so much packaging fresh foods like vegetables were put in paper bags, meat in paper and no plastic wrapping on anything.

* We didn’t have the amount of convenience foods like we do now our mothers cooked a meal each night which was eaten the scraps went for compost if you had a garden.

* If you did have a garden you grew vegetables

* We only had one electrical outlet per room and not the bank of sockets and extension leads we have now.

* There was only one TV per household the same with a phone and with the phone you made phone calls when you needed to.

* We switched lights off when we weren’t using a room, and during the winter you all tended to stay in one room the warmest.

* We didn’t need a trillion carrier bags to bring our shopping home, we hard a shopping trolley/cart

* As kids we wore hand me downs, or mothers made your clothes, and knitted jumpers/socks

* There were not lifts /escalators in every office block.we used the stairs

* We ate leftovers

* When our pens ran out of ink we refilled them instead of buying a new pen

* When you wanted fresh air you opened a window, better yet went outside

So I agree we weren’t terribly green but we didn’t waste anything either, we got lazy because we want everything now, there will come a time with internet and everything being delivered to your door we might never leave our homes.



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