The Queens Jubilee

The picture is irreverent, but it made me laugh.

Thinking about The Queens 60 years on the throne it’s quite an achievement I suppose but her job is fr life and one that she does quite well even though she has no real power.

Can you imagine a lifetime of everywhere she visits in the UK it smells of fresh paint, though with the rain the last few days it’s probably washed it all away. My family are from Jamaica and are part of the Commonwealth, so she is the sovereign for the West Indies of which Jamaica is a small island.

I remember reading on my late mothers  passport British Subject this was after independence and they were still part of the empire and in many ways they were proud to be.

My grandmother came to the UK in 1956 and her children followed several years apart as she saved the money for their fares.

She came here because it seemed like the land of opportunity like those before who arrived in 1953 on the SS Windrush a historic event that was to change the face of Britain, many of the men had been with the RAF during the war and back home with not much work on offer a few with a spirit of adventure decided to visit the mother country.

Life here was so different from what they imagined, though happy that Jamaica and other islanders joined the fray, however The British didn’t want them here and thus the struggle for integration began.

The dream was to come here for a few years make their fortune and then go home, this didn’t happen for most, as men and women married other people or indeed just left their families behind, and it was difficult to save for the fare amongst other costs which were double because of skin colour.

In our family we always kept the culture alive in life so I’ve always been firmly entrenched in both cultures though I’m British and the first generation of my family to be born here, and we did very much integrate into British life in fact as my grandmother came from a different generation in many ways West Indians are more British than the British.

So when I think of the Jubilee I include all those that left their homelands and came here to make a life, and struggled to gain acceptance and to change the way the lived their lives and to learn a new language and to be fully accepted, because they made it possible for their children such as myself to be a part of that changing landscape.


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2 Responses to The Queens Jubilee

  1. Dear trh,

    Have you read Small Island by Andrea Levy? It’s a brilliant book, set a bit earlier than when your Grandmother came here, the late forties if I remember correctly. The BBC made it into a short serial that was good, but the book (as always) is a million times better.

    Love Dotty xxx


    • I read that yes several years ago in fact read all her books she’s very good. I didn’t watch the series as you never as good, and they are usually not very good at capturing the mood when dipicting that time in the UK..but i’ll look out if repeated.


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