Britains Got Talent Coming Second Can Make You The Biggest Winner

Saturday was the final of Britains Got Talent which was won by Ashleigh and her amazing dog Pudsey, Simon Cowell loves dog acts so this was a dream come true for him and they will perform at the royal Variety Performance Show in front of the Queen.

However as always like Susan Boyle there’s a surprise and this comes in the shape of Jonathon Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli, who didn’t impress when first seen at the audition stage until they sang and what a voice he blew everyone away.

This young man is only seventeen and was bullied at school because of his weight almost brought to a complete breakdown, he said this is “a slap in the face to his bullies” quite right too.

They may have come second but are set to be the biggest winners already a tour planned and has been signed by a top agent, the future looks very rosy for this pair.

Jonathon’s dream is to sin with blind opera star Andrea Bocelli.

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