Film Friday #10 Casablanca

Made: 1942

Director: Micheal Curitz

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henried, Claude Rains

Bogart plays Rick Blaine a former Freedom fighter and ex pat, living in Casablanca, he owns the hottest spot in town “Rick’s Cafe”.

Bogart by now has perfected this hard cynical persona him against the world and he’s only here for what he can get.

Rick runs the gamut between the Gestapo and the local police, he comes across some transit papers which he intends to sell to the highest bidder, until the Police Chief (Rains) tells him about Laszlo(Henreid) a European Resistance Fighter who would do almost anything to get his hands on those papers to flee Casablanca nad the Nazi’s.

Rick is shocked when he meets Laszlo and his wife Ilsa, his former lover from Paris, who left him with no explanation on the day they were to leave, which explains Ricks hard exterior and the realisation that he still loves her.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns she has to walk into mine

The couple open old wounds and Rick refuses to help Ilsa and her husband Laszlo, though they decide that they’ll both leave together and leave Laszlo to his fate, but in the decide not to and Rick loses Ilsa again.

the film is played against the backdrop of World War Two, and the many countries occupied by Germany and it’s hard to tell who is on what side, so all involved play a dangerous game of cat and mouse , it’s more a question of who you know and how much your willing to pay.

Both the stars excelled in this role, and the chemistry between the two is powerful, its a fine esemble piece and captures the mood of the time.

Dooley Wilson sings the famous song “As Time Goes By”  and from this comes the most misinterpreted line in movie history, neither ever said “play it again Sam”, the line was “play it one more time for me (Ilsa)

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