I Blame Andy Warhol!

It’s back the above tilted TV show also the same applies to its many manifestations around the world.

I blame Andy Warhol, because in 1968 he said:

In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes

Prophetic I don’t know but here we are over forty years later, glued watching the car crash that are people’s talents, granted a few are and deserve their success.

But as for the rest dancing dogs, baton twirlers, regurgitaters, magicians( who seem to be trickless) singer who should never leave the bathroom, dancers with two left feet un funny comedians, strippers, yes we have them.

Understanding the British sense of humour you realise most just do it for fun, as we enjoy sending ourselves up (laughing at ourselves), but for many they take it so seriously it’s heartbreaking at times that they lack the self-awareness required before they fill out that application.

But here I am for another series of which I won’t miss an episode..lol because the auditions are the best bit, apart from 3 I can’t even remember the other finalists.

It does seem to me that hard work and working at your craft is no longer required people just want to be famous and are prepared to do anything to achieve that end, i have to say these programs are my guilty viewing pleasure.


The video from the film Gypsy has the line “all you need is to have no talent”

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  1. Next Stop, Willoughby says:

    Yeah, we have that “America’s Got Talent” here. My friend Melody was on there. She was part of a duo called ‘Rhinestone Ropers’. She got through on the first round and even made it to the top 30. She didn’t make it past that.
    I’m sure it’s the same here as it is there. It is kind of sad to see how some of the people take themselves so seriously and think that they are really talented when they’re not.


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