Film Friday #6: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane



Bette Davis as Baby Jane Hudson

Joan Crawford as Blanche Hudson

Made in 1962

Directed By Robert Aldrich


This tells the story of sisters living in a decaying Hollywood Mansion, one a drunk and mentally unstable the other confined to a wheelchair.









Jane (Davis) was a huge childs star spoiled by her father and the main bread-winner for the family her sister Blanche (Crawford) the ugly duckling pushed into the background.

When they grow up Blanche becomes a great star whilst Jane’s career fades and she becomes an alcoholic, however blanch still supports her sister insisting that for every film she makes the studio makes with Jane.

There is a terrible accident and Blanche is paralysed, Jane drunk has no memory of the accident.








So the sisters co-exist with each other, one good one bad an excellent character study is played out as each sister still battling to be number one, and each knowing exactly how to torment the other.

Both stars put on a tour de force performance, managing to wring every emotional string, but staying tightly within their roles, Davis is monstrous and the scenes where she attempts to create her former self are riveting.

The final scenes are shocking as Blanche at the mercy of Jane who finally loses her grip on reality.

A must see film, if only to see how these ladies interact with each other(they  were sworn enemies in real life) and with the script to create this gothic horror.

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