Classic TV Friday….


A little nostalgia today a look into classic TV.

Perry Mason

Starring Raymond Burr, this started in 1957 adapted from The Erle Stanley Gardener books.

Perry a top lawyer who takes on unusual case and defends the seemingly indefensible, he’s always pitted against Hamilton Burger District Attorney.

He’s ably supported by Della Street (Barbara Hale) his executive assistant.

Paul Drake (William Hopper) A private investigator

And not forgetting the wily Lt Trask who always seems to be one step behind Mason.

Perry Mason never lost a case.



The Fugitive from 1963 -1967

Another step back, Janssen plays Richard Kimble falsely accused of murdering his wife by a one-armed man and pursued by Lt Gerard played by Barry morse.

The opening narration after he is convicted and is being escorted to prison.

Richard Kimble ponders on his fate as he looks at the world for the last time, and sees only darkness, but in that darkness fate moves its huge hand.

The show explores his story as he searches for the one-armed man, keeping one step ahead of Gerard and his adventure as he gets involved with people in each town he comes across.



The Prisoner

Patrick Mcgoohan stars in this surreal TV show in which only seventeen episodes were made in Portmeirion Wales

He was a spy who has woken up in what he thinks is an idyllic village but finds it’ some bizarre prison where he is now called Number Six.

He is questioned often, but never reveals any secrets he knows his only aim is to escape this prison.

In this original series, we never see if he escapes or not.


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  1. Next Stop, Willoughby says:

    Of course you know I like this post.


    • Was inspired by your theme tunes but still don’t how to do links on here…lol


      • Next Stop, Willoughby says:

        If you want to embed a YouTube video into your post:

        1. Find the video you want on YouTube
        2. Click on the “SHARE” button that is under the video
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        9. When you push ‘publish” the video should be there. You can also see it by pushing “PREVIEW”

        Anyway, that’s how I do it. I hope that’s what you meant by doing links.


      • Thanks that helps, WP instructions seem more complicated than other blogging platforms, but also I’s like to know how to add links in a post, I like to give credit when inspired by another blogger..or just to let people know a post is there. Thanks again:)


      • Next Stop, Willoughby says:

        If you highlight a word or words when you are writing a post and click on that box with the chain in it that’s under visual, a box will pop up where you can add the blog address of the place you want to link to.


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