A Seinfeld Moment: The Big Salad


Seinfeld one of my favourite comedies of all time, anyway part of this episode is when Elaine’s asks George to bring back a big salad from the coffee shop.

Anyway his girlfriend hands the big salad to Elaine and thanks for it , and George takes umbrage, and feels that he didn’t get the credit for buying the big salad.

So at lunch today something similar happened with some friends they purchased a gift together however one took credit for it, leaving the other to explain that the gift was also from them.

I sat there chuckling to myself, thinking it would have been better to say, this is from us, but then to see the bickering actually took away from the act of giving and somewhat marred the day.

I wonder a “thank you” is always nice, but is there a need to dissect who contributed what in terms of how much whose idea etc.

Giving and receiving is such a minefield now, in as much that we now keep receipts just in case they don’t like it, when there was a time you just accepted what was given graciously and put it at the back of the cupboard, now who hasn’t done that.!

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