Honouring Women


I didn’t do a post on International Women’s Day last week, as I’d been doing a little research on our government (UK) who are signing into a new European convention to legislate crimes against women.

Several other European countries have signed this convention(France, Spain,Germany,  Sweden) which seek to give women greater protection not only within their own countries but also in the workplace and in the home and from stalking which is to be criminalised.

The new convention seeks to take the necessary legislative to measure for those breaking the clause set to stop verbal, non verbal sexual harassment which includes men who whistle at women in the street, my own view on that part is that annoying as it is there are more pressing issues in which action can be taken.

What it didn’t say is that employers need to take greater steps in this area, most companies have a sexual discrimination policy which works in conjunction with the law, however I’ve found that they generally play lip service to these policies or that employees often don’t report because of fear of ridicule or they won’t be believed, same old story where the victim is placed under greater scrutiny that the perpetrator.

I will say though that any case should be investigated rigorously not just a case of the women being believed, but the person who is accused must understand that what they are doing even if “joking” must understand the negative effects of their actions on another, but everyone must be held to the same standard.

To quote: The convention sets violating the dignity of a person, in particular creating an intimidating hostile, degrading, humiliating, offensive, environment.

In other areas that if Rape is committed abroad  by someone from the UK they will be prosecuted in this country if charges are not brought abroad.

The new procedures would also cover forced marriage(arranged marriage) female genital mutilation, and forced abortions.

“Honour” crime involves violence, including murder, committed by people who want to defend the reputation of their family or community.

The concept of “honour” will no longer be justification for crimes against women, culture, customs, religion and tradition should not  be accepted as excuses, which I’m sure to many groups will be seen as a huge step forward.

So all in all when the convention is signed by David Cameron(PM) we should see an improvement for crimes against women and hopefully a better understanding between the sexes in terms of everyday day behaviours afterall everybody deserves and should be treated with the basic curtesies and respect.

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