Film Friday #3 The Days Of Wine And Roses

The Days Of Wine and Roses


Made in 1962

Starring Jack Lemon and Lee Remick

Directed by Blake Edwards

Music by Henry Mancini – Lyrics by Johnny Mercer.


The story follows Joe a PR man and hard drinker who meets the pretty and very wholesome Kirsten, their story follows the usual course they fall in love and marry.

Joe continues his hard-drinking ways, however Kirsten a non drinker but has a “Brandy Alexander” thus setting Kirsten on the road to join him in his drinking as he feels she is no fun and is judging  hin but if they drink together they could have fun together.

Their descent into alcoholism is rapid, and you watch as the very fabric of their lives disintegrates, culminating when they stay with Kirsten’s father and as a reward for their sobriety, the y fall off the wagon.

The scene where Joe has hidden a bottle in the nursery is pivotal as he can’t remember which plant the bottle is hidden in and destroys the place in the process.

He does go in to a drunk tank and sobers up, however Kirsten doesn’t and feels that it’s just a matter of willpower and they can sober up together, she now is the instigator, refusing to accept that she is an alcoholic.

Again Joe sobers up successfully this time, he now has a job a place to live and is the sole parent to their daughter, the final scenes show Kirsten when she visits one  last time, Joe tries again to persuade her to quit and she refuses, and leaves without even seeing her daughter.

An amazing must see movie.




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4 Responses to Film Friday #3 The Days Of Wine And Roses

  1. mrsdentonorahippopotamus says:

    I love this movie. It’s one of the first movies that I remember seeing when I was a kid.


    • Thanks for your comment.

      To me movies like this are what’s missing the message is clear and the acting sublime, and it lingers in the memory for a longtime after.


  2. I need to check this out. Haven’t seen it but it sounds interesting. I love a good classic!


    • It’s such a great movie and very muc ahead of it’s times in dealing with alcoholisim, and showing how what’s is called social drinking can turn into something much darker.


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