Lazy Sunday’s

Picture taken last year in my local Park.


Looking at the rain today took me back to when Sunday’s were a day of rest, and how different it is now for people who have never experienced that.

When we were kids sunday was always the day of the week that the family spent together, sometimes with the additions of other family members.

Having a lie in was the best part we stayed in bed until 10am, had a quick breakfast then off to church, where we all wore our sunday best, I can still se me in my white dress with matching bonnet, I even wore gloves as well as attending to worship, it was social too, because most people worked and this would be the only time the adults had time to do more than pass the time of day.

Most people then didn’t have cars so relied on the Sunday bus service and dependant on where they lived could take two buses to come and visit for dinner, so we’d rush back from church and we kids were sent out to play, whilst the Sunday Roast was prepared and we waited for our visitors to appear.

The day always seemed so long, and all around you could smell the cooking smells of roast meets mingles with cakes or pies,and the quieter murmur of voices as it was a day of rest, you’d see fathers outside tinkering with their cars, or doing a spot of gardening, there was always someone playing music, nothing loud but it was there in the background.

In our house for the table we had the nice table-cloth even different plates the ones with the rose design, if we did have visitors there was always a bit of planning to ensure everyone could fit around the small table but we always ate elbow to elbow anyway.

We would be called in for dinner and it was like a feast, during the week your meals were always quite basic fayre but on sunday’s it’s like a banquet roast Beef Yorkshire pudding Roast potatoes and vegetables and horseradish sauce and mustard and loads of lovely bisto gravy.

Dinner was always a success as everybody tucked in and then demolished this feast, the kids relatively silent or sometimes bursting out into uncontrollable giggles, as various mums and dads told us to be quiet..but not too forcefully.

After the plate were cleared away then came pudding oh my now that was always the biggest treat, could be Trifle Jelly& Ice cream apple pie/crumble of some kind, always serves with lashings of custard, not for me I always had ice cream(not a fan of custard) now that was eaten in slice only the sound of spoons scraping on the plates I’m sure we would have licked the plates too if we could have got away with it.

The mammoth task of washing up and the adults talking the men snoozing in the armchair and the kids all out for more playtime, mothers would come out late sitting on chairs watching over the kids as they drank tea/coffee and enjoying the last few rays of the afternoon sun.

With everybody gone by five usually, we’d clear up and spend the evening watching some TV or listening to the charts on the radio(me) get ready for school the next day books etc uniform, polish shoes all that stuff and were in bed by 9pm and would fall immediately asleep.

I like my sunday’s now but I do miss those times when I was a kid, the family seeing relatives and just he complete easiness of the day, it was like a weekly holiday.

How did you spend your Sunday’s



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